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Cube Shadow

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Our ultra-thin Bluetooth tracker. Place it in your wallet, stick it to your tablet, laptop, and more. Track via our smartphone app. Track your items with our ultra-thin Bluetooth tracker. Shadow features a rechargeable battery so you can reuse your device for years to come. Pair via BlueTooth and track with your smartphone. Never lose your wallet, passport, or other household items again.


Ultra-Thin Design

Shadow is our ultra-thin model at just 2mm thick. Stick it to your passport, laptop, kindle, tools, and more using the included adhesive pads.


Attach and Track

No more lost remotes! Stick, pair, and track with the Cube Tracker app available for iOS on the app store and Android on the Google Play store.

Map Location

Use our simple Cube Tracker app to view your Cube's last known location on a map, using the power of Bluetooth to tell you if you’re near or far, press find and your Cube will ring.



What type of ways can I find my Cube?

1. You can ring your Cube from the Cube Tracker app when it is within Bluetooth range.

2. View the last known location of your Cube using the map in the Cube Tracker app.

3. Enable ‘Notify Me When Found’ to enlist the help of the Cube community to locate your Cube.

What Devices will not work with Cube?

1. Any device that does not have Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE, will not work. These devices do not have the hardware to communicate with our Cube hardware or Cube Tracker app.

2. Any device running not-yet-completed Operating Systems versions (ex: iOS Beta or Android Beta releases) may experience technical difficulties. The Cube Tracker app is tested with and intended to be used by mobile devices running full, public-release versions of the iOS and Android Operating Systems.

3. While you can access your Cube account through your computer or laptop, at this time, the application is only designed to run on mobile devices, as the community relies on proximity to a device in order to locate a missing item. 

Is this a GPS tracker?

Cube uses Bluetooth to make a connection with your device. Once the connection is established, it relies on the GPS Location Services of your device to update the location information of the Cube Tracker app. The Cube itself does not use GPS. Your Cube needs to be within the standard Bluetooth range (Up to 200 feet depending on the environment) of a device that has location services in order to communicate its location to the app. This means Cube cannot track objects as they move in real-time unless there is a device within range moving with it. (i.e. your car keys and phone traveling together.)

How do I use Cube with my pets?

Cube is helping people find what matters to them. But what can Cube do for our Pets? Cube uses Bluetooth to help locate missing things that are typically nearby - like the leash, keys, or your pet that's hiding under the bed! Cube is a perfect fit for in the home or property but is not a GPS tracker, so it is not designed to track real-time movements. Because Cube uses Bluetooth, you might have trouble finding your pet outside of a 100-foot range (for Cube Tracker) and 200-foot range (for Cube Pro.) 

What is the battery life?

The Cube Tracker & Cube Pro have a one-year replaceable battery. Cube Tracker battery CR2032 3V.

How do I transfer a Cube to a new account?

1. You will need to remove the Cube from the account it's linked to.

2. To remove the device swipe left on the Cube you wish to remove. (Under list in the Cube Tracker app.) 3. You can then add the Cube to a new account by tapping the plus (+) in the top left corner in the Cube Tracker app.

How to remove a Cube from an account

To remove a Cube from an account swipe left on the Cube you wish to remove and press delete. (Under list in the Cube Tracker app.)

How do I find my phone with Cube?

You can use your Cube to find your phone – even if it's on silent mode!

1. First, make sure that the Cube Tracker app is (Always allowed to run in the background) of your phone, and that your phone is in range of your Cube.

2. Next, quickly double press the Cube button to make your phone ring.

3. You'll see a notification on the lock screen of your mobile device, letting you know which Cube you rang your device from.

Does the Cube Tracker app always need to access my location?

Yes, this allows the Cube Tracker app to give you the last known location of your Cube when it disconnects from your phone.

Does the Cube Tracker app always need to run in the background?

Yes, this allows you to ring your phone from the Cube even if you closed the Cube Tracker app.

How does Cube work?

The Cube uses Bluetooth technology to help you locate your items. While Bluetooth technology is a wireless technology, there are significant differences between Bluetooth and GPS technology. The Bluetooth range of the Cube is up to 200 feet. Bluetooth is most effective at the 30-foot range, depending on the environment.

Does Cube have a warranty?

Yes, Cube has a 12-month limited warranty 

How can I contact Cube for support?

For customer support (Tap contact us) in the Cube Tracker app.

Is Cube waterproof?

Yes. Cube has a waterproof rating of IP67 (up to a meter deep for half an hour.)


Use, Care, and Troubleshooting

Q: The Cube app is showing the wrong location when the Cube is near my phone.

A: Signing out of your account and sign back in. Also, try turning off the Bluetooth then restarting the phone and turning the Bluetooth back on.

Q: The Cube is not connecting to my device.

A: Signing out of your account and sign back in. Also, try turning off the Bluetooth then restarting the phone and then turn the Bluetooth back on.

Q: Managing a Cube on multiple phones.

A: You can manage a Cube from multiple devices that are logged into the same account. The Cube will be connected to one device at a time. When one device goes out of Bluetooth range the Cube will connect to the other device. You will be able to see that the Cube is connected to the other device in the app. You can also login to your account on a computer via our website.

Using Cube with Alexa.

You will need to add the Cube Tracker app skill to your Alexa.

Cube Tracker & Cube Pro reset

To reset the Cube. Insert a small screwdriver into the top corner “at the key-ring hole” to remove the back cover, temporarily remove the battery, then reinstall the battery.

Cube Shadow reset.

Press and hold the button on the Cube shadow for 10 seconds until it beeps to reset it. The beeping you are hearing is letting you know that it is disconnected.


What's in the box

Cube Shadow

USB Charging cable

Adhesive tape


Tracking range: 200 feet

Weight: 10g

Dimensions: 47mm x W 47mm x H 2mm

Model No: C7003

Volume: 100dB

Battery: Rechargeable

Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Waterproof: IP67 (up to a meter deep for half an hour)