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  • Image of Delphiene

    I love this little device! For me it is a life saver or should I say “phone” saver! I am always setting my phone down and not remembering where I saw it last. With the Cube Pro Key Finder I no longer worry about doing that. I would recommend this to everyone. It was easy to download the app to my phone and set it up. I keep it clipped in my purse so it can be easily accessed when I need to use it. - Delphiene

  • Image of June

    I got this and gave it to my mother to use. She is constantly misplacing her cell phone so someone needs to call her cell phone for her to locate it! We attached it to her keychain which allows her to locate her cell phone anywhere in the house, even if the app is not running. It's a pretty small addition to her keychain and doesn't weigh it down much. Haven't tested the battery life yet, but it says it lasts one year, which is convenient! Love this! Thank you! - June

  • Image of Nicole Elizabeth

    Wow so I really enjoyed This Cube Pro product. This is the perfect thing to have if you or someone you know loses their keys often. I added the cube onto my boyfriends key lanyard and he will now be able to track his keys if he loses them again. This device allows you to track your keys using Bluetooth. I am so happy with how technology is improving to make things a little bit easier in life! - Nicole Elizabeth

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