Starting College –Learn How to Stay Organized?

Are you starting out college soon enough? Feeling anxious about the same? It is high time that you should prepare yourself with the right school supplies to help you stay organized. With a little planning and effective organization steps, you can make the most of your all-new experience in college.

Here are some of the expert tips to help you stay organized in college:

  • Use Your Smartphone to Stay Organized:

    Smartphones have become the essential tools for planning out your entire day effectively. You can leverage the benefits offered by a myriad of smartphone apps as well as gadgets out there that aim at helping the college students in being organized with minimal efforts. You can also look forward to eliminating most of the day-to-day problems with the help of some smart finders attached to your smartphone.
    If you are always on the lookout for your wallet, smartphone, or keys, a Bluetooth tracker by Cube Tracker can help you out significantly. You can easily attach the same to your smartphone and organize your entire day with its high-end Bluetooth tracking feature.

  • Keep Your College Bag Organized:

    As you will be carrying along with the college bag wherever you go around, it is important to keep the same organized. Starting with an empty college bag, fill it with the items that you would need explicitly for the day. Make it a habit to organize your backpack daily to stay organized at all times.

  • Make Use of a Planner:

    Either you can make a DIY planner or use some smartphone app for planning out your entire day in advance. Plan out the important activities of the day and how you aim at accomplishing the same. Try including academics as well as extra-curricular activities throughout your day.

  • Keep tabs on your syllabi:

     I personally prefer to get a folder that houses all of my syllabi throughout the semester. In this manner, I will always have the one folder with me personally, instead of struggling to find them when I need them. It is a great way to keep tabs on what assignments are due, when quizzes/exams are, or perhaps something as simple as readings. Now, while it's helpful to have it all in 1 location, it's also important to really look at your syllabi, even if your professor tells you what you will need for the next class. (You don't want to be that student stressing if your professor tells you that you've got a quiz next class on a 390-page book you're supposed to be reading the past couple of weeks.)

  • Create a session spreadsheet: 

    That is something I SWEAR by. Essentially you collect all of your syllabi and populate all the significant due dates (items like tests/papers) onto a large spreadsheet. You can split it into a section for each course, or even a section for every month, but it's a great little way to learn what assignments you have done and if.

Have a productive time in college!