All You Need to Know About Bluetooth Trackers

Is it common for you to look for your lost phone, wallet, or keys? If you are used to losing these precious items by accident, a Bluetooth tracker might come to your rescue.

What is Bluetooth Tracker?

A Bluetooth tracker is a small device or gadget that can be easily attached to things like your bag or smartphone cover such that you are able to keep track of the items at all times. A typical Bluetooth tracker from a top-class, reputed brand like Cube Tracker, makes use of the innovative technology of Bluetooth Low Energy. It is also referred to as Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE. Using this technology, the Bluetooth-enabled device can be easily connected wirelessly to the smartphone for transmitting data to the specific device through an established connection.

How does a Bluetooth Tracker Work?

Every Bluetooth tracker comes with a specific, unique signature. This signature is known only to the user of the device once they have connected the Bluetooth gadget to the respective user account with the help of a smartphone app.

As such, the smartphone app, the device, and the tracker –all are able to recognize each other such that the tracker cannot be hacked by some outsider. The location of the tracker is known only to the given user of the device. As the connection is set up with the help of BLE or Bluetooth 4.0, both the gadget as
well as the tracker are able to consume a negligible value of power. Every Bluetooth tracker is known to feature some internal source of power (like a battery) along with an antenna and a chip.

If you are in the habit of losing important devices like your smartphone, wallet, or keys quite often, a Bluetooth tracker by Cube Tracker can be your best choice!

Bluetooth tracker

Why you need a Bluetooth Tracker

We carry valuable items, both from a financial and sentimental perspective, with us almost everywhere we go. Being able to recover those items when they are lost is a huge asset. These simple devices could be the reason you recover a bag full of your child’s favorite toys, a cell phone with sentimental pictures on it, or a briefcase full of irreplaceable work notes.